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DIN1897 HSS Stub Drill Bits
Product name : DIN1897 HSS Stub Drill Bits

Model Number : BH-H0014

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DIN1897 HSS Stub Drill Bits

* Hardened high speed steel body provides additional safeguard.
* Industrial grade cobalt high speed steel are available on request.
* 118 degree point angle design for general purpose, or 135 degree split point angle.
* Bright finish or Black oxide finish; Tin Coated are available on request..
* Short length and heavy duty construction provides additional strength.
* For drilling in steel, cast steel, malleable iron, sintered metal, non-ferrous metal and plastic.
* Drill Bits Set are available on request.

Metric Size are available (DIN1897 Standard):
1.0 ~ 20.0mm by 0.1mm

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